About us

  “Monkarotaj” -LLC was 1996 and since then we provide borehole geophysical survey on exploration well of coal, water, uranium and all other mineral resources. Nowadays our company is the only one service provider which uses different kinds of methods for the first time in Mongolia and trusted Radio Active Source License holder.

  “Monkarotaj” -LLC started to cooperate with Australian “Weatherford” and “Auslog” companies and use their tools and equipments.

   Australian “Weatherford”- company has over 30 years experience and produces tools and equipments for geophysical borehole logging analysis, exploration, engineering geo-technology and exports their products to more than 100 countries.

  We also provide ground geophysical magnetic survey, VLF, VEZ, Dipole Dipole and various methods of electric survey for particular ground geophysical tasks.

  Our engineers and technicians are well experienced and involved intensive trainings of borehole survey procedure, working with tools and equipments and diagnose breakage and fixing. All operators and drivers obtained required qualifications and certificates and follow safety instructions.

  We use fully equipped, dependable Toyota Landcruiser-76, 77, 78, 80, 105 for use in off-road to urban borehole geophysical logging.

 We are provided by high quality, technical and professional support from Australian “Weatherford”- Intemational and its engineers and technicians.